The Book of Tree Synopsis, Team, Distribution

Film Synopsis

THE BOOK OF TREE frames the story with an opening premise that it makes absolutely no sense that we are destroying the habitability of our planet. It makes no sense scientifically. It makes no sense spiritually. Yet here we are today living in an age of exponential change, unprecedented in time and scale, that is at once destroying our home and placing the human species on a dangerous precipice.

The film then continues to illustrate and question the following paradox:  Scientific consensus points to overpopulation, climate change, deforestation, species extinctions, ocean acidification, degradation of water quality, and rampant nonrenewable energy exploitation. We are in the midst of a human caused environmental crisis. But just as science has given us a clearer picture of what is going on, it has also presented us with solutions. So why aren’t we acting? Where is the spiritual consensus? Why do we continue to destroy the only home we have? Do we really believe that our journey here on this planet is merely for short-term economic gain for the few people who will ever benefit by such action?

Ultimately, the film seeks answers from a diverse group of people. From scientists to poets, conservationists to economists and cowboys to gurus, these people share an insight that stems from a deep spiritual connection to the natural world. All believe in the underlying truth that science and spirituality are not mutually exclusive and that to create a home that is survivable for all life, we must begin to approach the issues with both scientific and spiritual principles equally. This is the realm of spiritual ecology.

The Team

The production company of Tree & Sky Media Arts, co-founded in 2006 by Rob Whitehair and Pam Voth, will produce THE BOOK OF TREE. Together, this husband and wife team has produced two feature documentaries that made it to the silver screen. TRUE WOLF ( was picked up for theatrical release by Shadow Distribution in 2012 and is currently in theaters across the US and Canada.

Tree & Sky Media Arts’ previous release, THE LITTLE RED TRUCK screened in Regal Cinemas, AMC theaters and independent art house theaters in 50 cities from NYC to LA in 2008 and is now available on DVD via Netflix and other retail outlets.

Prior to co-founding Tree & Sky Media Arts, Rob Whitehair produced wildlife proTLRT_theatrcial_release_textgramming for international television broadcast including HOLLYWOOD FOX (2005) for Parthenon Entertainment in the UK. This one-hour HD television special about the endangered San Joaquin Kit Fox aired in 60 countries around the world on cable channels including National Geographic International, Animal Planet and NDR.
The amazing composer and multi-instrumentalist, Cody Westheimer of New West Studios in Los Angeles, is on board for our second feature documentary collaboration. In addition to his many feature film credits, his music was celebrated during NBC’s coverage of the 2012 Summer Olympics, and in the coverage of the Tour de France.

Distribution Plan

Tree & Sky Media Arts has a solid track record of getting our films into distribution.

We believe that in today’s rapidly changing information age, a mix of traditional distribution outlets with nontraditional outlets gives us an opportunity to have THE BOOK OF TREE screened for more people across the globe than ever before.

This includes film festivals, theatrical release, DVD release, educational markets, house parties, a robust multimedia Web campaign for the film, direct action screenings in communities around the world and translation into other languages for global distribution.

It is our goal to gain the widest distribution for THE BOOK OF TREE.