The Book of Tree – Heal Our Spirit. Heal Our World.

This landmark film and global multimedia campaign reimagines our relationship with the natural world through the bounds of science and spirituality. Prepare for the Awakening.

Spiritual Ecology documentary The Book of Tree


The shift of balance to a more sustainable, just and peaceful life is underway. Be a part of it today. Make a tax deductible donation to THE BOOK OF TREE project. Your payment will be processed securely through PayPal. “The Book of Tree” will be produced by Tree & Sky Media Arts in association with Tree & Sky Institute, a project of the Bitter Root RC&D an award winning 501(c)(3) public charity.

It makes absolutely no sense that we are destroying the habitability
of our planet.

It makes no sense scientifically. It makes no sense spiritually. Yet here we are today living in an age of exponential change, unprecedented in time and scale, that is at once destroying our home and placing the human species on a dangerous precipice.

Today, there is a quiet revolution taking place.

People are awakening to a new understanding of our place in the natural world. There is a disparate group of people across the globe that are beginning to spiritually respond to what science is telling us about our ecological crisis.  What we need though is to connect people on an even deeper level, to take away the disparity of how we view the relationship between people and the natural world and people with each other.  We need to inspire more people to feel that they are not alone in their desire to act to change the way in which we behave towards nature and each other.

The Book of Tree pushes the art form

We take the classical natural history film and hybridize it with a more narrative driven focus that re-imagines our relationship to nature.  Via an intimate visual study of old growth forests we learn how nature if left untapped, creates the preconditions for life on this planet.  Then, woven throughout the visual expression are the powerful stories of a diverse group of people who share an insight that stems from a deep spiritual connection to the natural world. All believe in the underlying truth that science and spirituality are not mutually exclusive and that to create a home that is survivable and peaceful for all life, we must begin to approach the issues with both scientific and spiritual principles equally. This is the realm of spiritual ecology. This is The Book of Tree.